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Body-Mind Training: 


"Our body holds the story of our life despite how the mind may attempt to repress that story. As we begin to listen to our body’s intelligence, we can work toward establishing balance."

Bourzat, Françoise. Consciousness Medicine 


As a coach and guide, I support you in connecting and embracing your body wisdom, as well as engaging with its capacity to generate ease, wellbeing, and healthy relationships.  


Attention, communication and stress management are key to cultivate a successful collaborative creative life and organization.

I offer custom individual and staff development and training solutions from a psycho-educational approach:

Consulting to assist you in identifying you and your organization's conditions, wants and needs, as well as a plan of action.

Mentoring of specific leaders or key employees for a transformation process.

Workshops for group learning in Stress Management, Attention Training, Self-awareness, Self-Care, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Resolution.


It is not easy to decide to look for help. Especially when it looks impossible to come out of the moments of suffering, pain or confusion, to find peace, clarity, and enjoyment in our lives and relationships. I support you with a kind, quiet, safe space where you can access your own wisdom and use it to re-design the new path and life you need and want.


We will find together your best rhythm and learning style to develop practices that will allow you to identify and transform present patterns, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are not any more of benefit to your present relationships.


The self-awareness journey is a privilege and can be a joyful adventure. I honor and will support your commitment to your own self-exploration, discovery, integration, and transformation being with you in collaboration through the work it takes to cultivate your desired life.

I offer mindfulness as a mental training and personal development practices that foster kind and caring self-observation to deepen presence and awareness. 


We can work in individual sessions at the office, over the phone, through Skype or if you prefer, out of the office experiences (beach, park, or garden walks). You can contact me by e-mail or by phone to coordinate our first free 20-minute phone session where I appreciate you feel free to ask about my training experience and work.

For specific needs, intensives and retreats I work together with my partner and colleague, Marlon A. Guarino in assisting individuals, couples and groups.


I greatly enjoy groups and honor group intelligence as a privileged space of learning.

I offer self-discovery Mind-Body Wisdom groups with both genders or only women, my passion is to support people in connecting to and embracing their body wisdom while engaging with their capacity to generate wellbeing and healthy relationships. Meeting from 2 to 4 hours once a week for 8 to 14 weeks. I also offer custom-designed electronic study groups or phone Seminars.

I have been offering Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction®  MBSR based programs in Spanish on the Central Coast of California.

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