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(For adult women seeking to enhance pleasure and practice more self-care)

Through the course of 8 weeks, we start by learning about the co-creation of a safe holding container to learn and explore experientially with different guided practices allocating time to share, integrate and discuss our personal and group learning.

We will have time to connect, enjoy the group intelligence and support home practices to learn and train the new skills for self-and relational awareness.

The skills we learn, based on mindful awareness practices, backed up with more than 30 years of neuroscience and psychology research, are basic for the cultivation of a sense of self and relational wellbeing while supporting the coping of stress, pain, and illness.


  • Introduction to mindfulness

  • Ways of knowing

  • Understanding the mind-body connection

  • Learning about the physiological stress response and neuroplasticity

  • Identifying habitual thoughts, believes and behaviors

  • Cultivating kindness and self-compassion

  • Strengthening our connections



  •  8 consecutive weeks: ____soon!_____from March to April 2020

  •  2 hours per session

  •  6 to 8 participants

  •  Fee for 8 weeks: $210 ($35 the session)


"We all have our own unique ways in which we resist or insist, contract or hold when feeling unmeet needs, scared or triggered. These associated emotions create stressful chemistry, energy blocks that create armors throughout our bodies. When we re-connect with our bodies we start discovering this energy and physiological blocks that have served as armors for surviving. Then, at that moment, we can enjoy the freedom in the opportunity to keep them as they are or change and transform them."

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