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Inspiring Change

Mindful Sexuality and Relationship Coach

Within a wide framework of reference as a psychologist by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and as a committed student of consciousness, love, and relationships, I like to collaborate with you going through the exploration of diverse awareness practices.


These contemplative practices are designed to offer you experiences to cultivate knowledge, and skills to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Practices could include breath work, contemplative sitting, body movement, body-contact flow dance, nature walks, or singing, among others.  


Through the integration of the teachings of your own experiences, you will be learning about your body-mind old and present patterns in a self-discovery journey where you will develop your ability to make creative and intelligent choices gaining mastery over your own experience.  You will learn ways of trusting yourself more and create the necessary opportunities to choose who you really want now to be.

Every one of us, as part of nature, carries the inner potential for healing our traumas and sufferings, as well as the potential to live an awakened embodied life. I will collaborate with you in creating your best inner environment to awaken your inner healer with acceptance, kindness, care, and love. Different from the beliefs of modern medical and educational systems, we are not broken, rotten, or sick but we are diverse, interconnected, and complex as the ecology of any natural ecosystem.


Identifying and finding clarity in understanding the context and dynamics of our own birth, early relationships with caregivers (mother-father figures), and our body expression language are of great support for any transformation towards cultivating a healthy body-mind, healthy sexual life, and embodied harmonious relationships.


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